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"A Teaching Ministry, helping the body of Christ to organize for the Great Work within its mandate"

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father." John 14:12

The church is a deep water vessel designed and equipped with a life saving message for all whom would hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. All too often this well equipped vessel spends most if not all it's time at port or at best in shallow water. Through a very crafty, but well disguised method the enemy of the Kingdom of God has managed to take the best and the brightest minds and somehow divert their attention to the minor emphasis of church-work and culture rather than Kingdom Building and saving lost souls for Christ.

Greater Works inC. (in Christ) is a unique and fresh approach to assisting local churches in the process of internal organization and administration for venturing into deep-water for the Kingdom.

Often time's smaller and moderate sized churches lack the resources to send the necessary delegates and pay the required fees for participation within the larger spectrum of Christian Training for taking on Greater Works. This is where Greater Works inC. is poised to offer assistance that you are in need of.

Organizing the administrative, financial and educational efforts of any ministry is a very difficult task. However the spiritual matters which must be given the highest of priority often suffer or lie dormant because these ever so demanding areas insist upon our daily attention. Let’s face it, without Holy Spirit filled, sound preaching and thought provoking, solid teaching a church will rarely grow and even more rare will it maintain any areas of growth already accomplished. But where is the time for preparing for these tasks when the key personnel of the ministry are overwhelmed with all of the business functions as well?

Greater Works inC. is ready to listen and help your Church by tailoring a site specific Biblically based plan for pursuing the call of ministry. We offer 1, 2, or 3 day seminars at your church with the key leaders as well as the entire congregation in preparation for ministry service.


Rethinking the Course: How to recognize, respond to and reorganize existing paradigms and often unhealthy traditions within the Church.

Forward Thinking: Strategic Planning and implementation to fulfill vision for the work of the Church for years to come.

Operation Education: Is your Christian education ministry serving their purpose in disciplining all of the membership of the church?

The Prayer Principle: It has been said, much prayer much power, little prayer little power, no prayer no power. But is there an effective Intercessory prayer ministry praying for the Pastor and family, the Kingdom agenda, the city and church and all her members and ministries?

Developing the Leaders Around You: Unburdening the leader and empowering the Laity. This principle not only preserves the leader, but it also prepares other leaders within the congregation for expanded duties.

Stewardship of Finances for Increased Ministry: Using Technology and other resources as a starting point towards showing accountability and using records to improve your position with lending Institutions.

Operation Joshua Generation: Developing and Rethinking Methodologies of ministering to a transitioning Church without compromising the CROSS and the MISSION of the Church.



The Respect He Deserves, the Love She Needs - for Couples

Developing and Trusting My Christian Discernment – for Singles

Sister, Take it From a Brother – for Women

Man 2 Man: The Need For Vulnerability Through Accountability

For more information, please contact us at:
Greater Works, InC.

7480 Wood Rail Cove | Memphis, TN 38119
Telephone: 901-292-5916
Email: Pastorkeith4@aol.com


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